Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, interacting and communicating with the same core group of people on a regular basis. We'd all like our work "family" to get along, to have common goals, and to be successful. But for many of us, our "Achilles heel" is how clearly and cleanly we communicate our thoughts and feelings to others. When interactions become uncomfortable or threatening conflict is created. When human beings are in conflict, their ability to take action and move forward with a natural momentum becomes stalled or blocked.  

Corporations and teams of people working together have a collective "soul" or identity, just as an individual person does. My company, Austin Consulting, offers a powerful process for healing the corporate, group, or individual "soul," a short term "peacemaking process" which offers long term results. The "peacemaking" process dissolves inter-and intra personal conflicts and blocks and restores people to their fullest, most effective way of functioning. I specialize in coaching corporations, teams, and individuals on how to observe, understand, change interaction patterns, and to quickly begin to operate more truthfully and effectively.  

Austin Consulting offers a unique service; acting as a kind of body and soul "medical specialist" or corporations. For companies that are functioning well, I offer powerful optimum wellness" programs, including custom-designed "best health" procedures. For companies not functioning at peak performance, I offer detailed diagnostic and evaluation services, followed by custom- designed specific programs and procedures to restore that company and its employees to a state of health and balance it's functioning.  

Austin Consulting's work focuses on action and in-the-moment experiential learning, not theory. The results of my trainings are measurable and concrete. I positively change ineffective or  abrasive communication and behavior into effective, powerful communication and behavior. I actualize and optimize the potential of high achievers. My clients learn to be aware of and to shape the impact of their behavior and actions on the people around them quickly, directly, and powerfully.  

Because each company's or individual's situation is unique, I use no "formula" or pre-designed programs with my clients. I strongly believe that any "solution" to a "problem" which is imposed on people is bound to fail. Rather, my entire focus and working method is to bring awareness to, teach, and empower my clients to create and successfully implement their own new behavior patterns and procedures. [continued]




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