Rather than trying to change people, I teach them how to be more effective versions of who they already are. In order for my clients to be fresh and innovative in their work, they must be fresh and innovative in their experience of themselves. After a training experience with Austin Consulting, people work differently because they feel differently. If people don't grow, then products. services, and workflow don't grow.  

My best and most successful clients are usually those who understand that in fact I am their best ally, even those who at first were resistant to working with me, initially perceiving me as a potential threat. However, once they begin the work with me, they quickly become the most motivated, exciting, and successful effective change makers in their organizations.  

In fact, I believe that one reliable measure of my success with my clients is how quickly my clients become so good at their new effective behaviors that I have, in effect, made myself obsolete. The results of my work are easily measured. Either the company, team or individual becomes noticeably more effective in action, or specific structural or personnel changes emerge which will remedy the problem. 

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Whether your company's "weak link" is an executive, a manager, a division, group, or small, team, there's always room for better relationships and more effective behaviors and plans. I have over 20 years' experience and training in numerous aspects of performance and behavior, and am able to quickly and accurately see and understand the dynamics between people. In addition to an unusually high success rate in individual executive coaching, I am also expert in team and large group dynamics.  

Why settle for anything less than your company's "total fitness?"


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