Austin Consulting is an international management consulting service specializing in custom-designed short term workshops, intensives, and executive coaching processes for high-performing teams and individuals. I work with individuals or existing or developing groups and teams of varying sizes. Although I custom design every training for every client, these are examples of the kind of trainings we have done for our clients:

Team Building and Team Repair:

The "Peacemaking Process;" healing the group soul or identity;

"Cleaning up bad blood;" resolving hidden agendas and resentments from past history, especially in a re-engineered environment;  

Resolving personality conflicts;  

Conflict resolution and/or mediation;  

Building team cohesiveness, unity, and smooth functioning regardless of whether or not the team members "like" one another;  

Team optimizing and cohesive alignment, including goal setting and/or mission statement and/or vision definition and action planning.  

Team Audits:

Who's actually doing what;

How your team actually functions (regardless of what your organizational chart says);  

Delineating interaction patterns among the team members, including character and personality compatibility assessments and training. 

Executive Coaching and Management Training & Development:

Individual or small group coaching processes, addressing all forms of       personality, behavior, and leadership and management skills training;  

Strong focus on effective strategic thinking, speaking, and action.  

Executive Coaching may be: short-term, focused on a specific issue or problem, or a retainer based process for long-term growth and maximum accomplishment in one's professional and personal life.  

Austin Consulting has an exceptionally high success rate with the           individualized Executive Coaching process.

Effective Communications and Action Skills:

Custom-designed individual training and/or group workshops on effective  speaking, interacting, and negotiating actions. 

 Spokesperson, Motivational/Keynote Speaker.

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